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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the high volume of orders coming in for our popular face masks, we must dedicate our time toward production of this product! Here are answers to very frequently asked questions, and info that may help you!

*This may be a strange fact: We are a very small business specializing in EVERYTHING being handmade. I, the business owner, make 97% of the inventory we have to offer (masks included)- we also host other local artisans! Because I HAVE to be sewing masks all day, I simply can not be on my phone. I also can't talk on the phone because the machines are so loud you can't hear, and I can NOT stop sewing!

  • For this, SEVERAL hours a day, I sew while on FACEBOOK LIVE- Customers ask questions and I am able to read them without stopping and I verbally answer! You are welcome to do the same if you cant find your answers here!

*We do have a storefront location! We offer masks for sale at the window! ALL masks at the window are $7.99ea, unless there's a novelty mask up but it will be priced separately! (Novelty = Rhinestone Mask or Mustache Mask!)  We are located DOWNTOWN: 20 E  5th St. S.    BIG STONE GAP, VA 24219

  • We offer random prints and solids at the window, there's NEVER a guarantee what will be up! We also offer prints that are not available online as well. NO HOLDS!

*Our turn around times vary; we state it can take up to ONE WEEK but most of the time we are on a 3 business day turn around! Rarely, but sometimes, it can take a few extra days outside the one week turn around!

*We ship with USPS Priority Mail and mail your Face Masks as soon as they are completed!

*We are extending ourselves as much as possible AND have hired new staff to help with orders through this Covid-19 Pandemic. We stay very VERY late several nights a week making your masks! With this being said, if your nask order is completed after the USPS is closed, then obviously your order will be mailed the next business day!

*All masks are priced firm and we offer NO bulk ordering reduction. Our prices are great, especially compared to MANY others you will find. If you order 1 or if you order 50, our cost and time spent sewing each mask is the same, so the prices are the same.


*We have SEVERAL novelty masks to offer that have a high cost to produce so they are priced accordingly.

*We ONLY use 1/8" BLACK ELASTIC in our masks but will use WHITE 1/8" elastic in the event of a temporary shortage! 

*Every mask is made with a pocket for a filter in the back side of it!

*Most all masks are 100% cotton!

*Our masks are an EXCELLENTONE SIZE FITS MOST design! I DO NOT use patterns in my work, I create my own designs! These masks fit our 2 1/2 year old daughter, and a grown man! To fit a toddler tie a simple loop in the ear elastic. 

*Our masks are around 7-7.5" from nose (top) to bottom if the pleats are expanded, and they lay appropriately 3" not expanded for a versatile one sise fit!